Safety is crutial! 

When shuttling your dogs they are safely secured in a customized caged area in an airconditioned car.  Dogs that would prefer to be seated are seat belted in with a crash test certified  

And when we get back home... 

Let's face it, it tends to rain just a little in Squamish, so we towel dry after wet outings and check for ticks!

Customized Dog Walks

If you would like to discuss customizing a dog walking program that is more specific to your needs, lets talk!  We can accomodate shorter and longer walk times and customizing the nature of your service.  Pricing will vary.

$20 and up ...


Healthy treats will be offered after each walk. (If behaviours need to be reinforced with treats then you may need to provide extras, as our positive reinforcement training is not treat based.)

Water is offered on longer walks or hotter days, as needed. We also will check and top up bowls at home following walks. 

While you are away... 

While you are away on vacation, we can help with the little things such as watering your plants and bringing in the mail, changing blind positions or lighting, at no extra cost.

One or two photos of your pet enjoying our services are included in the message!


Let's talk walkies!


Individual Walks   30min

For more personal one on one time for dogs that may need or just want it!  Perfect for the beginner distracted puppy or senior dogs that can't quite keep up with the pack.  This offers a great opportunity to address reinforcement training of specific behaviours.  We can make a program that can help correct bad habits or form new ones.  An old dog can learn new tricks! 

We come to your door and find the most stimulating routes.  Luckily Squamish offers trails around every corner to keep it interesting!

Your dog can be GPS tracked! 

For peace of mind we keep track of your pet's location in real-time with a Tractive 3G GPS pet tracker. Once we add this to your dog's collar, your best friend can be located any time, anywhere!

The little extras ... 

A brief informative text or email (based on client preference) with information on your pet visit. Details include time and location of your walk / pet visit, whether they did their business, and general pertainent informaiton such as a health concern.

$25 ...

(*OR Discount rate: 10 Walk Pack for $230)


$22 ...


Buddy Walks   30min

Save a little money and give your buddy a buddy to play with!  Following a thorough personality screening, dogs are paired up with 1-2 other dogs with the same disposition.  If a match cannot be safely made then only individual walks will be offered until a proper fit is made.  This a a great opportunity for socialization and mental and physcial stimulation! 

We pick up each dog and start the walk in the neighbourhood of the last dog then go exploring.  The order of pick-up varies so they can all enjoy new exciting routes!

$30  /  $25 ...


Individual or *Buddy Walks*   45min

Some dogs have more energy than others so this is a great way to really get the beans out! We take only a small group of 2-3 medium/large dogs to explore further on trails in Squamish.  Why end a good thing when it can keep going?!

Squamish has many walking trails that we can drive to if there are none in your neighbourhood.



$27 ...


Adventure Walks (Small Group)   1.5-2hours

Let's explore new areas away from the common paths.  To ensure personalized attention, we pick up and shuttle only a small group of dogs of 2-3 medium/large or 4 small dogs (15lb) to more private walking paths, river areas and lakes.  We are out in the wilderness so we offer GPS trackers for each dog so they can be located any time, anywhere in the event of an escape. 

Places like Alice Lake, Brohm Lake and Nexen Beach offer ideal spots for private exploration and opportunities for safe off leash runs or swimming.  Off leash time is a privelege and can only be offered to dogs with reliable recall and when in a safe area to allow it.  

Dog Walks


$60 and up ...


Dog Sitting (In YOUR Home)

Dogs are creatures of habit and require routine and structure.  Allow your dog(s) to stay in the comfort of its own home in its familiar surrounding while you are away.  Not all dogs can easily adapt to unfamiliar environments or constant exposure to new dogs for long periods of time. To avoid potential stress-induced susceptiblity to illness or injury, we offer specialized programs based on your best friend's needs.

Starting at a minimum of 3 daily visits.

  • A morning potty break, yard play, feed/water and much needed belly rubs and reassurance. 
  • A midday 30-45min individual or buddy walk, depending on what the client prefers. A feeding (if required), treats and water.
  • A dinner feeding, potty break and a good night tuck in.
  • $30 for additional household dogs / day.


We customize dog sitting programs based on client needs.  We can accomodate requests for addtional visits or other services.  Your dog may need another later evening bed time potty break for less time to hold it before breakfast. Depending on scheduling, your dog may be able to participate in an adventure walk! (Additional fees may apply)









$20 ...


Potty Breaks   15-20min

Have peace of mind knowing that your new puppy or senior dog will be accident free when you get home!  Puppies can only hold their bladders for the same number of hours as their age in months.  Regular potty visits will help reinforce house breaking and crate training and offer the mental stimulation, socialization and affection that young dogs need. 

We will let your dog out for some much needed relief, offer scheduled feeding/water and yard playtime to burn off some pent up energy!  A perfect solution for a new puppy without all their vaccinations that can't play with other dogs in the park yet.

Pet Visits



$10 ...


$20 ...


Small Pet Visits   15-20min

While you are away, we will happily check on your cat, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster or other small pet.  If the pet is exotic, we will do our best to accomodate you. 

We offer daily feeding, water and litter/ bedding scooping. Excessive cage build up may require a separate Litter Box Change (see below).

We will handle your pet that does not bite but please offer handling instructions for the more particular ones. 

Litter Box Change 

To keep your cat, bunny or small pet's home smelling fresh, we reduce ammonia levels by completely cleaning up old bedding.  A common service when parents are away for 5-7 days.

We offer a complete removal of bedding/ litter from the litter box, a wipe down and replacement and disposal of bedding. 

* Special Note ... *

All services are subject to GST.

We offer a multi-pet household family discount. Price will vary based on service.

Addtional fees will apply to services rendered during off hours, on weekends and holidays.

Additional travel fees may apply to special requests. Cost will be based / km. 




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